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The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook ~ Churros

Churros - an iconic Disney Parks treat. I'm not even a fan of churros and know just how popular they are at the park. It's the first recipe in this book, and only seemed fitting to be the first recipe attempted.

I've never made churros before. Not liking cinnamon, it's never something I've even considered. This made it even more perfect to try first. I'm more than ready to start making things I've never made before. And if churros are the beginning of the end of my food comfort zone, I'll gladly take it!

Churros start with cooking in a saucepan. I have baked, but I don't cook. And to be honest, I don't tend to bake anything that requires a saucepan!

As anxious as I was to do anything requiring a saucepan. I was completely shocked at just how smoothly this went! I couldn't have asked for anything easier. The dough doesn't even leave a residue on the pot, it just comes together perfectly!

I didn't have a perfect churro tip, so had to make due with a different larger tip. I couldn't believe that so quickly I had my dough in a piping bag ready to make the churros!

Piping the churros isn't hard, in fact it's a ton of fun. I made straight ones, loopy ones, even hidden Mickey ones! The only thing I recommend is squeezing hard if you want thicker churros. Initially, the dough comes into small little lines. Not bad (spoiler: even these were quite yummy!), but not what I had expected. By the 3rd churro, I realized the pressure needed and started making them larger.

The longest part of making churros? The next step which was simply putting them in a freezer for an hour. When I took them out, I took out both trays I made at once. In the future, I'd definitely keep the 2nd tray in until I was ready for it. The dough softens back up fairly quickly and they can get stuck together when frying.

And speaking of frying...

The recipe in this cookbook teaches how to fry churros in a pot with oil. I have a deep fryer and chose to use this instead. It made it extra quick and easy! I cooked up to 3 at a time. I wouldn't recommend doing too many since they do stick together!

As soon as the churros turn a golden brown, they get immediately dipped into a cinnamon sugar mixture, and laid out to cool.

And that's it! Could making churros be any easier? I certainly don't think so. Overall this recipe gets 2 thumbs up! It wasn't only easy, but a lot of fun. It felt quick, and even not liking churros, I was ready to make more!

P.S. Homemade churros actually made me like churros! They were absolutely delicious with a cup of coffee! One recipe done, 99 more (from this book - but there's more!).

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