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The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook ~ Raspberry Rose Mickey Macarons

Raspberry Rose Mickey Macarons - Found on Main Street, U.S.A., in Disneyland at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe. .. and they are absolutely delicious!

Part one in the Macaron recipe is the raspberry mousse. I've never made mousse, but it has always been high on my to-do! How can you not want fresh mousse in your life?

Making the mousse starts out beautifully! My second time now using a saucepan while baking wasn't nearly as intimidating! LOL! I loved seeing the raspberries and sugar mixed together. Gorgeous! Stirring occasionally until the mixture gets bubbly, and then you get to smoosh it with a spoon!

I always thought making mousse's seemed technical; and reading these instructions made me sure I was right. After boiling the mixture, you blend. After blending, you strain. After straining, you add in geletin. And this just completes the raspberry part of the mouse!

While the raspberries are cooling, it's time to make a whipped cream! Not the smartest thing, but I did try to whip it by hand at first. And after far too much time, and a very sore arm; finally got out the mixer and whipped it that way! Nothing felt so good as seeing those stiff peeks finally show up!

Folding in the raspberry mixture was easy. Then it was time to make the shells.. and this was not easy! I'm not sure what about it mixed me up, but the struggles started here.

First, they started with an immediate success! I've never separated egg whites before. I always thought it would be hard, but it shockingly for me, wasn't! Already I'm learning that the things I thought would be a challenge.. aren't when you just try. Gave me such high hopes for the soon to be mess!

This time I did not try to whip by hand first.. just saying.

Next, Penny & I sifted some flour and confectioner's sugar to add to the merengue egg whites. I don't own a sifter, but was so happy I did buy a strainer for those raspberries. The mesh strainer worked perfect and made it look like I had a giant bowl of fresh snow!

And here's when everything quit working smoothly. I folded in the flour/sugar mixture. Things seemed good. Then I went to add food coloring. 20 red and 20 blue. First mistake... I bought a pack that was pink, purple, teal, and yellow. Oops! Luckily the purple color I created didn't really have any effect on the mixture!

The mixture was so sticky! I don't know if it was supposed to be or if I did something horribly wrong. Getting the mixture into a piping bag was nearly impossible. It exploded and half the dough ended up everywhere it shouldn't have been! After also failing to pipe into a Mickey shaped cookie cutter (ridiculous idea), piping a few dots together worked out just perfectly. I was shocked to see these cute Mickey shaped cookies!

In the oven they went. I thought the mishaps were done, and couldn't wait for them to be out of the oven, decorated, and eaten!

And then disaster stroke! The paper would not come off these cookies! I have sense found out it was probably due to being underbaked a touch. It took brushing water onto the bottoms of them to peel off all the paper. Some felt somewhat soggy, but they kept their shape and by the time they were all ready; you never would have known!

Alternating fresh raspberries with the mousse mixture, these macarons were finally finished!

Luckily, they were 100% worth the wait and all the issues. They were absolutely delicious and I can't wait to make more!

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